KEME is developing several projects

where its services cover several sectors of activity.

These projects are described below.

SmartLighting in Alenquer

This project aims to acquire equipment and services for a sensing system to be installed on two of the main streets in the city of Alenquer to adapt the luminosity levels of the intelligent public lighting system.

The project includes the installation of light and motion sensors as well as their integration with the real-time management system of street lighting.

The final customer of this project is the Municipality of Alenquer.

Renewable Energy Communities: Pilot Projects

Considering the recent legislation dedicated to the creation of Renewable Energy Communities (CER), KEME Energy is developing pilot projects for their implementation in Portugal. This process began with a review of the licensing procedure which, together with Keme’s staff experience in this type of business models in the United Kingdom, has allowed the establishment of an internal quality process for the implementation of this new service in Portugal. The integration of CER hardware and software is still a challenge that Keme is overcoming with partnerships with software development partner companies. KEME is developing three pilots to investigate and integrate the various hardware components such as panels, converters and batteries, as well as their management, through the adjustment of software programs.

This task involves the development of a smart system (using AI and IOT) to manage the production and storage systems together with energy from

the public grid towards costs and system performance optimazation.

Sines Green Hydrogen Valley

A Agenda Sines H2G Valley congrega diferentes parceiros e iniciativas para criar uma cadeia de valor completa para o hidrogénio verde, desenvolvendo, em Sines, um polo inovador e tecnologicamente disruptivo. Esta ambição encontra-se plenamente alinhada com a Estratégia Nacional para o H2, promovendo uma oferta de serviços inovadores para a região e para o país, ligando diretamente produtores a consumidores.

PORTS Vehicle 2 Grid

This project is part of the port and logistics sector transformation to adapt it to the 4.0 economy. Keme is in partnership with the Spanish company KANDARA – Circular Economy to develop the Vehicle to Grid (V2G) concept. The project aims to demonstrate the V2G concept as a reliable system for the integration of different sources of electrical energy storage, using various types of electric vehicles and vessels to manage the high energy demand in ports, combining it, whenever possible, with renewable energy sources (solar and wind). The pilot project aims to develop a replicable, innovative and disruptive management model that integrates ports development towards decarbonization and digitalization through decentralization of renewable energy production and storage.

Decarbonization of geographic islands

Geographic islands share common issues regarding space limitation on land to install renewable energy plants, isolated power grids and few natural resources. This result in a high dependency on imported oil, with high costs for the population and the environment. As the costs of wind and solar energy fall, many governments have set targets to increase renewable energy production from the ocean (wave and tidal), trying also to alleviate the challenges of solar and wind intermittence through the introduction of wave and tidal technology, these resources are more predictable in terms of potential energy to be generated. Ocean energy can play an important role when it comes to accessing green hydrogen production or drinking water through desalination. This project arises in this context in order to investigate viable business models involving synergies between related markets by coupling photovoltaic energy, green hydrogen and offshore energy to reduce energy dependence and energy costs, as well as increase the efficiency of the electricity grid.


To invest, promote, develop and implement sustainable, technological and innovative projects with renewable energy production and storage.

The initial team of KEME is made up of technicians with more than 15 years of experience, specialized in project development and design of renewable energy power plants, energy efficiency, EPC and O&M.



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