KEME Energy has developed a series of partnerships that allow it to offer quality services in the various business areas it develops.

Partnership with REDEFORTE to install renewable generation systems

KEME Energy has a partnership with Rede Forte to provide our customers with the best components for their renewable energy production systems as well as services related to maintaining their efficiency.

Partnership with INDRA for the integration of energy efficiency in buildings

KEME Energy has a partnership with Indra in the area of energy efficiency in order to integrate optimization and artificial intelligence solutions into its services, in order to guarantee cost reduction and optimization of energy management at CER, including renewable production and storage.

Partnership with KANDARA to implement CERs in southern Spain

KEME Energy has a partnership with Kandara – Energía

Circular, a Spanish company operating in the field of energy services and which has supported the internationalization of KEME Energy in Spain, namely in the creation of Renewable Energy Communities and energy mobility projects including hydrogen production.

Partnership with FusionFuel for the production of Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen production has been a highly promoted sector in Portugal as part of the country's energy transition. KEME Energy has a partnership with FusionFuel, a Portuguese company that has developed an innovative technology that integrates solar energy generation with

electrolysis of water to produce green hydrogen.

Partnership with OPEN MINDS to create CERs in condominiums

KEME Energy has a partnership with OPENMINDS to develop the business of creating CERs in Condominiums. This partnership includes other companies linked to the commercialization of energy, such as Luzigás and Associação de Condomínios.

Partnership with S&M Consulting for the environmental management of renewable parks

KEME Energy is a partner of Sobral & Monteiro Consulting for the identification, analysis and promotion of Ecosystem Services in renewable energy parks, in order to minimize their negative impacts and enhance their benefits for local communities.

Turnkey projects

From the design of the project to the management of production, consumption, sharing, storage and sale of energy, through the installation and development of energy contracts

The initial team of KEME is made up of technicians with more than 15 years of experience, specialized in project development and design of renewable energy power plants, energy efficiency, EPC and O&M.



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