KEME's services are divided into four distinct areas:

self-consumption of renewable energy, renewable energy generation including hydrogen, energy efficiency and support to the development of offshore renewable energy technology.

Individual and collective self-consumption (Renewable Energy Communities)

KEME Energy intends to contribute to the expansion of renewable energy generation and consumption among companies and civil society through the implementation of decentralized solutions with the following characteristics:

  • No need for initial investment
  • Generation of immediate savings (between 10 to 30%) in energy costs
  • Provision of sustainable solutions.

KEME Energy has an Integrated Service offer that includes:

  • Dimensioning, supply, installation and maintenance of equipment and components of the energy production system
  • Global project management: installation, maintenance and production, sharing, storage and sale of energy
  • Insurance and Warranties
  • Performance optimization

KEME services follow the ESCo (Energy Service Company) model where we play the management entity during the contract period agreed with the client(s), sharing during this period the savings obtained with project implementation.

After the contract term, the equipment becomes property of the client(s) as well as all the savings obtained in energy costs.

In this way, and without making any initial investment, the customer has immediate benefits after project implementation.

At an early stage of planning KEME's services include:

  • Dimensioning of the necessary infrastructure according to the consumption patterns of the participants involved in the project
  • Simulation of the required investment through infrastructure budgeting
  • Calculation of energy tariffs and establishment of energy contracts.

During the project management phase the following services are included:

  • Renewable energy distribution among community members involved
  • Management of the coefficients on joining or leaving members
  • Support to energy sales
  • Monitoring of renewable energy production and consumption
  • Communication with the clients through a mobile app allowing a transparent monitoring of the production, consumption, sharing and sale of energy as well as return on investment.

By providing an application, each member of the community is allowed to transparently monitor the production of renewable energy and monitor the return on investment made.

KEME Energy works with individual and collective self-consumers, equipment and maintenance service providers, energy aggregators and grid operators.

The CER concept can be applied to commercial communities such as port administrations and technological or industrial parks where energy demand is high and therefore influence the price of services and products sold in these locations.

Implementation of renewable

energy parks

KEME Energy supports the construction of renewable energy production parks (photovoltaic energy and

Green Hydrogen) by raising funds from institutional and private investors. KEME participation in the IPCEI (Important Project of Common European Interest) for hydrogen is an example with the aim of being replicated in other cities. KEME is also able to provide dimensioning of photovoltaic plants for industrial zones.

This group of services also includes support for the environmental management of renewable energy production projects with regard to their integration into ecosystems and local communities through the enhancement of ecosystem services in adjacent areas occupied by the renewable energy parks.

Support in the development of offshore power generation technology

KEME services in this area include licensing support, instrumentation, dimensioning and integration of autonomous components and monitoring systems, logistical planning, consultancy and monitoring of prototype tests and tests at scale.

The initial team of KEME is made up of technicians with more than 15 years of experience, specialized in project development and design of renewable energy power plants, energy efficiency, EPC and O&M.



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