Multidisciplinary team with extensive experience

Keme is made up of a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the field of energy services and their financing, engineering project management and technological development, environment and environmental management, and offshore operations and logistics. Keme works closely with universities, industry, business representation bodies and companies.


Miguel Matias

Miguel Matias

Graduated in Computer Science from the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon and completed an MBA from the University of Narrava in Spain.

He began his professional activity in the telecommunications area, having worked for several companies such as Andersen Consulting (currently Accenture), integrating the Utilities, Telecommunications and Government group; Deloite Consulting, responsible for the Energy sector in the areas of CRM, strategic planning of information systems and e-business; and Galp Enova, where he served as director, responsible for several innovative e-Business initiatives at Galp Energia, which enabled the use of many and varied electronic services based on R&D.

He performed corporate functions at Galp Energia as Director of Innovation and Electronic Business. He founded SelfEnergy, a pioneering company and specialist in the areas of sustainability programs, energy efficiency, renewable energy and smart cities, recognized as the first Portuguese ESCo in the development of integrated energy services. Expanded the company by internationalizing it in the UK and 4 more countries, starting projects on 3 continents helping to develop ESCOs in India (New Delhi), Mozambique, Brazil, Kenya and Angola. He is currently CEO of SelfEnergy UK and has become a certified business angel with stakes in many other companies linked to the sector.

Teresa Simas

Degree in Marine Biology and PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University

Nova de Lisboa, started her career as a researcher at Universidade Nova de Lisboa in the ecological modeling group.

She worked as a consultant for the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive in Portugal and in the development of Environmental Impact Studies of several projects in coastal and aquatic systems at national and international level.

Participated in the development and coordination of R&D activities and Environmental Impact Assessment activities of several marine renewable energy projects (waves and offshore wind) and other human activities in the maritime space, including port activities of pier construction and dredging, installation of submarine cables for communication and electricity transport, aquaculture and coordination of experimental tests of coatings and paints for structures to be installed in the marine environment.

She was coordinator of the Marine Environment and Public Policy area at WavEC Offshore Renewables and since 2013 is a guest professor at the European Master in Renewable Energies (EUREC) at IST on environmental aspects of offshore renewable energy technologies. She is the author of several peer-reviewed publications and book chapters on the environmental theme of renewable energy and other publications such as the offshore renewable energy licensing guide in Portugal.


Teresa Simas


Pedro Pires

Pedro Pires

Master in Mechanical Engineering and PhD in Robotics from IST where he was a researcher collaborating in multidisciplinary teams in the field of engineering, medicine and product design within the scope of the development of international R&D projects.

He worked on the development of prototypes of wave energy converters to scale, among other mechanical projects and actively participated in the development and management of more than R&D projects and various consulting services in the areas of energy production optimization, underwater robotics, technical support for the manufacture, transport and installation of submarine cables, pre-feed design of an energy production and storage system for off-grid aquacultures and development of monitoring systems for remote areas.

He was a team coordinator in the technology and monitoring area of WavEC Offshore Renewables, leading the team responsible for hardware development projects, operations and offshore logistics. He is a Commercial Pilot of CPL(A) aircraft.

The initial team of KEME is made up of technicians with more than 15 years of experience, specialized in project development and design of renewable energy power plants, energy efficiency, EPC and O&M.



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