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Renewable energy solutions and consultancy to promote, allow and enhance production, consumption, sharing, storage and/or sale of renewable energy in all kinds of communities (industrial, residential, urban, remote, etc.).


KEME's services are divided into four distinct areas:

Individual and collective self-consumption (Renewable Energy Communities)

Implementation of Renewable Energy Parks

Support in the development of offshore power generation technology

Energy Efficiency


KEME Energy is formed by a multidisciplinary team specialized in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Computers, Biology, Environment and Business Studies with a vast experience in renewable energy systems used to work in close collaboration with universities, industry, business representation entities and companies.


KEME is developing several projects

where its services cover several sectors of activity.

SmartLighting in Alenquer

This project aims to acquire equipment and services for a sensing system to be installed on two of the main streets in the city of Alenquer to adapt the luminosity levels of the intelligent public lighting system.

The project includes the installation of light and motion sensors as well as their integration with the real-time management system of street lighting.

The final customer of this project is the Municipality of Alenquer.

Hotel Lux Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Lisbon

The solution consists of implementing two CHPs of 20 kW each, to increase the hotel's heat production and generate electricity at a lower price than that of the public network operator. The proposed energy sales contract offers a 30% discount compared to the current tariff for all electricity produced by the CHP System. The project is currently being negotiated with suppliers and for presentation of the system installation schedule.

system installation schedule.

Publications, News and Articles

Renewable Energy Communities in discussion by the Portuguese leader company in the sector, KemeEnergy.
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Life Cycle Assessment of an Oscillating Wave Surge Energy Converter
Abstract So far, very few studies have focused on the quantification of the environmental impacts of a wave energy converter. The current study presents a preliminary Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the MegaRoller wave energy converter, aiming to contribute to decision making regarding the least carbon- and energy-intensive design choices. The LCA encompasses all life […]
Recognition of Suitability for the practice of R&D activities
KEME Energy obtained a national certification on R&D practice awarded by the National Innovation Agency (ANI).

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The initial team of KEME is made up of technicians with more than 15 years of experience, specialized in project development and design of renewable energy power plants, energy efficiency, EPC and O&M.



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